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Welcome to the Brolga Counselling website. I’m Jan Harbrow. I help people who want to change their lives.

I have been practising in Bendigo offering a range of therapies since 2014 and over time the main ones have become:

Collaborative Couples Therapy - In my years as a counsellor there’s a sentence I’ve heard over and over again

“I love my partner but he/she drives me crazy”   I can provide you with tools to deal with these relationship issues, tools that really work for you.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (along with CBT) - Showing you the difference between feelings and the real you.  I can show you how to stop your feelings pushing you around.

Solution Oriented Therapy - most of us don’t realize that the right answer is within us! I can help you find that answer.

Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy; a refreshing comforting experience that enables you to discard unwanted habits that stop you from enjoying the life you want.




"The hypnosis wasn't what I expected.  It's a lovely experience and so strengthening."


"Since the hypnosis, I feel lighter."

“It’s been so good here; so positive.”


“I was nervous coming here but it’s been an uplifting challenge not a crushing challenge.”


“We’ve begun talking again since coming here.”


“Coming here saved my life.”


“We liked your website.  We knew this was the place for us.”


“I’m not so bothered.  I have more control.  Something has shifted.”


“You don’t charge enough.”


“I’ll be back for more refreshment. Yes, that’s a good word for it.”


“The resources were really useful.”


“I’ve got back to me here.”



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