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Approaches & Influences


Solution Oriented Therapy and Solution Oriented Hypnosis form the basis

of my approach.  Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness

complement these.  Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Schema Therapy and

Energy Therapies also inform my practice. My approach needs to suit

you, sit well with you, as you reach towards the outcome you are looking for.



Conditions Treated


Compulsions        Inferiority  Unhappiness   Shyness   Relationships    Grief  

Uncomfortable emotions   Anger    Loneliness      Fears   Stress    Anxiety 

Lack of confidence      Uncomfortable thoughts         Children     Decision making          

 Parenting  teens       Marriage       Lack of self control   Sexual problems   Food issues  

Relationships       Relaxation     Nervousness       Depression         Family Therapy                    

Ask about Mental Health Plans


I’ve had requests to offer Mental Health Plans for clients wanting longer term support and so I have begun to offer a similar service one day a week on Tuesdays only, priced at $50. 

(GP referral is not necessary and there is no cost to Medicare)  This offer is limited to 8 sessions, with appointment times during the day only.

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